Hi, my name is

Yelyzaveta Starodubtseva

I’m a freelance copywriter and SMM specialist

A young writer with a huge love for art, music, and yoga. My brain is an idea generator and I’m in love with coffee and picnics. If you’re looking for a passionate and detail-oriented writer, I’ll outperform your expectations. Let’s do something fascinating together!

My Principles

Welcome to “My Principles” section, the heart and soul of my copywriting philosophy.


Detailed topic research

It helps to dive into the topic and deliver accurate information to readers.


Know the audience

The key to audience attention is to understand their “pain” and be with readers on the same page.


Creativity and uniqueness

Old methods don’t always work, but creativity always rules!


Make it simple

Using simple words and nothing fancy. It’s necessary to “speak in the same language” with the readers.


To teach

Obviously not in a boring way, the main goal is to give useful information but in a more engaging way.



I illustrate everything that can be illustrated.


Welcome to my statistics, where we delve into the empirical evidence of the power of words.


posts written


likes collected


comments received

My Biography

Here I invite you to journey through the chapters that have shaped me as a copywriter.

I started writing when I was in school. My best friend and I were inspired by the history of England and decided to write a novel but we have never finished it.

I was working as a content writer in Sri Lanka, where I started my surfing career (just joking). I watched “Friends” 10 times and I’ll never get bored of this TV show. I am a yoga teacher with an international certificate and worked in a yoga studio for a year.

I like watching criminal TV shows and in childhood I wanted to be a detective or an archeologist. I had to learn everything about cryptocurrency in one week because a client needed 34 articles about crypto coins. I can speak a little French, Italian and German. My level in English is C1 due to summer school in England.

My Education

Someone collects certificates, like stamps, and I accumulate knowledge from the best professionals. As an example, one of the latest copywriting course completion certificates from MasterBundles.


Whether you have a creative project in mind, a question about my services, or simply want to chat, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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